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Leading a Trauma Informed Workforce

Total Credits: 1.5 including 1.5 APA Credit, 1.5 California Board of Registered Nurses, 1.5 California CLE, 1.5 California Association of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Counselors

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Prevention and Intervention  |  Trauma in General
Mrs. Christi Garner, MA, LMFT
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1.5 Hours
Audio and Video
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Organizations need a way to help transform trauma into moments of connection, understanding and healing. Leading a trauma informed workforce is a presentation to help those who work in high stress situations with those in crisis to learn tools to regulate the nervous system and make safety in their connections. This somatic evidence based approach to trauma informed care leads to stronger community trust, strengthening the organization, creating less burnout and turnover, and results in healthier communities.


  • Define the biochemical, affective and cognitive impacts of traumatic stress.
  • Learn how to conceptualize organizational level of trauma informed care and have a tool for assessing workforce.
  • Implement 5 evidence based somatic trauma interventions to use in crisis.

Orignally recorded at IVAT's 25th San Diego International Virtual Summit



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Trauma Educator

Christi Garner LMFT Trauma Educator Leading a trauma informed workforce. "Mental Health and Wellness at your Fingertips" is a new course that helps organizations support their workers at the tap of a button. Helping organizations, healthcare professionals, front line workers, and first responders to learn skills to connect, de-escalate, de-stress and recover so they can serve the people that need them, to lead to stronger, more resilient workforces. As a somatic trauma therapist and educator, Christi has worked for 20 years with survivors, oppressed and marginalized people, law enforcement, social workers, medical professionals, courts, and military organizations to help people recover and transform their lives, and the lives of those they serve. The world is currently in crisis. Global pandemics, political polarization, racial uprising and climate crisis has made the world an uncertain and unstable place for most people to be. As organizations that help others, we have to build strong and resilient communities inside of our agencies. Strengthening organizational response to trauma in the lives of the workforce leads to more creativity, less burnout and turnover, in short, it builds healthy communities. Christi builds trainings to support leadership teams, individual workers and organizations as a whole. During these times we all need "Mental Health and Wellness at our Fingertips: Rewire to Recover" a tool to help your organization to build Resilience from the bottom up, to help us address the everyday stresses we are seeing in our nation and around the world in a way that is accessible to everyone, at the tap of a button. Learn more at: